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What Makes Our Extracts Different From Others

What Makes Our Extracts Different From Others

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. AXTON products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

In recent years, CBD extracts have become a staple in many brands collection of products, but what sets a low-grade extract apart from an ultra-premium extract such as ours? Let’s take a closer look at some key steps we’ve taken to ensure our extracts remain a cut above the rest.

Lab Tested

With a lot of up and coming brands claiming their products are “the best”, the truth lies within the lab reports. It has become an industry standard for reputable companies to be transparent about what’s actually in their products. All our CBD products undergo thorough quality-control checks and third party laboratory testing to certify their superiority, while also ensuring they’re within regulation of federal laws and guidelines for production and distribution.

The detailed lab reports we provide ensures that you as a consumer can rest easy knowing exactly what you’re ingesting without worrying about inaccurate dosing, heavy metal contamination, and other toxic chemicals being present.

Delicious Flavors

It’s no secret, CBD oil naturally doesn’t taste great on it’s own. Many brands have attempted to mask the earthy hemp taste with artificial flavors yet end up with a product that simply has a subpar flavor profile.At AXTON, no corners are cut. We made it our mission to perfect a natural flavoring system so consumers can actually enjoy consuming our extracts. The debut of our original peppermint flavor is what put us on the map! A subtle, yet refreshing blast of peppermint ignites your tastes buds leaving you wanting more.Our newest flavor, tropical breeze has quickly become one of our best selling products. With slightly sweet notes of tropical fruit, it’s ideal for someone looking for a smooth, consistent flavor.

High Potency Servings 

We’ve decided to offer our CBD extracts in two convenient doses, both 600mg and 1200mg varieties.

If you’re new to CBD and unsure of the effects, our 600mg extracts are a great starting point for the conservative consumer. However, when you know and love CBD and its amazing effects,  it’s natural to gravitate towards our 1200mg extract.

Extraction Method

We’ve selectively partnered with the best sources in the industry which allows us guarantee a consistent and superior variety of products. Our ultra-premium hemp is ethically grown, harvested and extracted using organic practices to ensure from seed to sale we’re manufacturing the highest quality CBD products possible.

Once harvested, our CBD-rich hemp oil is isolated through a Supercritical Co2 extraction process. We prefer this technique because it’s currently one of the only solvent-free methods of extraction. While Co2 extractions tend to cost more than other methods, it’s a cost we’re willing to incur to secure our high quality standards.

Money Back Guarantee 

To exceed the high standards of our customers, quality remains at the forefront of our focus. Despite having the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products on the market, we’ve set the standard with competitive prices and a guaranteed product you can trust. If for whatever reason you disagree we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee for our products, making it essentially risk-free to see for yourself if the hype behind AXTON is real.

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