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Incorporating CBD Into Your Daily Routine

Incorporating CBD Into Your Daily Routine

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It’s no secret, the popularity of CBD is on the rise and quickly becoming a topic discussed in nearly every household. It has sparked a lot of interest and left many of us wondering, “is CBD is right for me?” and, “how can I  incorporate CBD into my life?”.

Let’s discuss a few easy ways you can reap the benefits of introducing CBD into your daily routines.

Morning Coffee

Like most American’s, we crawl out of bed and start our day with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Whether you brew your cup of Joe at home, or prefer your pick-me-up from the local bistro, morning’s are one of the best opportunities to consume CBD to start your day off on the right foot.

While research is still emerging, anecdotally, people who combine CBD with caffeine have reported it can take the unwanted jittery edge off a caffeine high. It has also been noted that with the addition of CBD, caffeine drinkers experience a reduction in anxiety and nausea that they may have otherwise felt. Overall, the combination of CBD and caffeine tends leads to enhanced focus with a burst of energy without any of the negatives that are often associated with caffeine consumption.

Work Day Grind

Attending meetings, endless emails, and long phone calls has lead the modern day workforce to have many days filled with stress and anxiety. Whether you’re on a business trip or stuck in the office, CBD extracts have become a convenient way to consume CBD on the go.

While your workload may never decrease, many people are turning to CBD to help manage their busy work schedule.

Post-Workout Recovery

After a long day at the office, breaking a sweat in the gym or getting some fresh air while taking a jog is a great way to de-stress from our hectic work schedules. While exercising is a ritual many of us incorporate into our daily lives, our bodies also need time to recover. Post-workout recovery is essential for overall success in every training regimen.

By reducing pain, lactic acid, and inflammation, we’re actually helping our bodies recover faster, which allows us to be ready for our next workout. Whether it’s joint pain, inflammation, or muscle fatigue and soreness, a topical CBD cream can provide soothing relief, both before and after our workout.


In today’s fast-paced and high-stressed environment most of us struggle to shut down our bodies engines properly which is key to getting a goodnights rest. Insomnia, anxiety, and restless leg syndrome are the main reasons many people struggle with sleep. Insomnia alone can lead to various chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, strokes and even cancer.

We’ve all tried our fair share of over the counter medicine and remedies to help cope with the limited amount of sleep we get. For this reason, many people are expanding their horizons and exploring the benefits of natural sleep aids like CBD. Some studies suggest that CBD’s ability to treat insomnia is a result of its ability to reduce anxiety.

One of our favorite natural bedtime remedies is our AXTON CBD Sleep Spray.

The AXTON Standard

Despite having the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products on the market, we’ve set the standard with competitive prices and a guaranteed product you can trust. All our CBD products undergo third party laboratory testing to certify their superiority, while also ensuring they’re within regulation of federal laws and guidelines for production and distribution. AXTON is the ultra-premium CBD brand for those who demand more.

Stay tuned for upcoming product releases, industry news, and more!

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