October 08, 2018


For centuries, residents of Asia have been reaping the benefits of lion’s mane mushroom. Now find this ingredient in Fierce Focus, a daily nootropic with CBD. These amazing mushrooms are safe for consumption. They are often used in place of meat in vegetarian dishes in this region. As word of the health benefits of these miracle mushrooms has spread, they have become a staple in many vitamins and supplements. This allows people all over the world to enjoy the amazing effects they can have.

Lion’s mane mushroom, also commonly referred to as Satyr’s beard, the pompom mushroom, and even the bearded tooth mushroom, has been an integral part of Chinese medicine for centuries. What sets this mushroom apart from all others, aside from its unorthodox appearance, are the derivative triterpenes that can be found within them. These amazing hydrocarbons have proven their capacity for neuroregeneration and other neurological improvements. Really, there is almost nothing this cure-all can’t improve.

FIERCE FOCUS™ is a daily nootropic, designed to support memory, stamina, and focus. Give your brain the ultimate boost with the best possible brain enhancing nootropic on the market.


Lion’s mane mushroom has proven its ability to enhance the immune system, improve the digestive system, lower high cholesterol, and even act as a natural antidepressant. The only potential side effect? A tingling of the skin as a result of nerve regeneration. IMPROVE AND REVERSE HEALTH PROBLEMS

Research has shown time and time again that the consumption of lion’s mane mushroom is not only beneficial to help improve the symptoms of some of the most severe health problems in the world, but also to reverse them.


Do you want to see an improvement in your own cognitive function? Formulated with lion’s mane mushroom, you can know with certainty that you will see a marked improvement in your memory, focus, and health in general. What’s holding you back? Order your Fierce Focus today.

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